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The Journey From Seed To Flower

The Journey From Seed To Flower
From Seed To Flower

Life is a process.
A sometimes joyous, sometimes painful,
always evolving process.

We are works in progress

Always moving towards a higher state of being.
A more authentic version of ourselves.

And yet, as we move higher, deeper and further along the path,
we go through many phases.
Sometimes we close down,
sometimes we are full of fear.
Sometimes we’re open and wild and adventurous.

Every Point in the Process Is Beautiful

Often it can feel like we’re moving backwards,
but every point of that process is necessary.
And every point of that process has its own beauty.
If we can learn to see that beauty
and value the importance of every point of our process,
we can be more fully engaged in each part of it.

Our growth will accelerate and our experience will become deeper and more profound.
Our awareness and our enjoyment of every moment can become more full.

The Journey From Seed To Flower

It’s like planting a seed.
When you plant a seed in the ground,
you know that it will eventually become a flower.

And yet when you look at the seed,
it doesn’t look anything like a flower.

Even if you crack it open,
you won’t see a flower inside.

But you don’t look at it and think,
“Oh, it’s not a flower. It’s ugly.”

Appreciate The Beauty Of The Seed

No, no, we appreciate the seed and the beauty of the seed.
Hold a seed in your hand one day
and see how beautiful it is.
How miraculous it is.

And then when we plant it in the ground, we don’t think,
“Oh, this earth is gross and planting it is a gross experience. Yuck.”

No, there’s no yuck.
Gardening is wonderful.
It’s a beautiful experience.
Many people love to garden.
Maybe you don’t love to garden,
but gardening can be a wonderful, visceral,
whole bodied experience.

The Sprout Is Not Ugly

Then when the seed cracks,
and the first shoot comes out
and pokes its head out of the ground.

We don’t look at it and think,
“Ah, that little sprout, it’s not a flower, so it’s ugly.”

No, we appreciate the beauty of the sprout.
And the sprout becomes a stem,
and we can appreciate the beauty of the stem.

The stem grows leaves,
and we appreciate the beauty of the leaves.

And then, suddenly a bud appears,
the beginning of the flower.

Do we look at the bud and think,
“What an ugly thing it is, because it’s not yet a flower.”?

No, it’s a beautiful bud and as it opens one petal at a time,
we can appreciate every petal.

Look forward to the flower,
but See the beauty in every stage

All the way through from seed until eventually it turns into flower.
We appreciate and see the beauty
in every part and every stage of that process.

Then when the flower does come, it’s not a surprise,
because we’ve seen it in our minds ahead of time.

We saw it when we held the seed in our hands.
We saw it when we beheld the first sprout.
We saw the flower when the leaves appeared
and when the bud came,
we knew the bud was the potential of flower.

Every Part Of Our Process Is Also Beautiful

In the same sense, every part of the process
that we go through in our lives,
from the journey of where we are
to the wonderful potential of who we can be.

Every part of it is beautiful.
Every stage is beautiful.
The highs are beautiful and the lows are beautiful.
The times of ease and flow are beautiful.
The times of difficulty and struggle are beautiful.

Remember The Seed Analogy In Difficult Times

It is not easy to be aware of this when you are in the middle of struggle,
but if you can remember the analogy of planting a seed
and watching it go through the stages
to eventually become the flower,
then everything that happens in your life,
you can see in the same way.

As part of the process from when you literally were a seed,
and all the stages you go through become the gorgeous,
perfect, beautiful, expressive, powerful
flower that is your true authentic self.

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