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Create a Foundation Of Self-Acceptance

create a foundation of self acceptance
You Are Awesome

Be yourself
Trust yourself
Be in awe of yourself

I encourage you to continue to value your own nature
And trust the direction of your inner being.

Even if everyone in town thinks you’re a fool…
Be yourself.
In a society that values conformity
you’ll always feel a little off centre
when you’re truly authentic.

I Receive a Lot Of Criticism For Being Who I Am

I am that way in many aspects of my life.
If you have been reading my blog you know that
I parent in an extremely unconventional way.
I have received a lot of criticism for it over the years.

People are quick to judge me
and doubt the effectiveness of my methods
until they meet my kid and realize how awesome she turned out!

I have been a feminist for over 20 years
and I spell womyn with a y
(that’s not really so radical)
and I get ridiculed for it all the time.

There are countless examples of ways in which
I am different from the norms of society.

Self-Acceptance Is My Armour

I have found over the years that I must create
a foundation of self-acceptance within
Or I’ll be constantly doubting myself
And seeking external acceptance.

When I’m authentic and
express what’s deep in my heart
I always feel satisfied

Even when I face opposition
I still feel an inner fulfillment
From knowing that I honoured who I am

Know yourself
Love yourself
Be yourself

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