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You Can Be

you can be
I’m Not Strong Enough

Yesterday at the gym I went to use a weight machine.
It was broken and wouldn’t budge.

A young man who was using the machine next to me came over to help.

He said the machine was stuck on 70 lbs.

I said “I’m not strong enough for that.”

Her looked me in the eyes and said
“You can be.”

You Can Be

And he really meant it.
I could feel his sincerity and his belief in my potential.
He was telling me that my limits were self-imposed.
And in that moment I knew he was right.

I thanked him for his encouraging words.

I Tell Myself “You Can’t” Much Too Often

His kind words really struck a note with me.
I have been noticing all day today
how many “I can’t” stories I tell myself.

You can’t do this
You can’t achieve that
You can’t be the other.

This man’s kind and simple words have change me somehow.
All day long I have been saying over and over
“Vivek, you can be.”

I Create My Own Future

I realize that when I tell myself “I can’t”
I really am creating that future for myself.

So from now on I am going to embark upon a journey of:

“You can be!”

A Kind Word Is A Powerful Force Of Nature

A second lesson I learned from this is
how powerful our words can be.
Especially when we put our hearts into them.

This man genuinely saw my potential
and with 3 little words made a significant difference in my consciousness.

I put effort into being positive, loving
and uplifting with all of those I meet.

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of that experience
and it felt really good.

It makes me want to pay even closer attention to all of my interactions
with friends, family and strangers alike.

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