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If we blame, we are lost

blame someone else
“Not one electron, in one atom,
anywhere in the universe,
moves left or right without it being
the direct will of the Divine.”

Seems a bit naive to think otherwise.
The idea of accident is designed by the ego
to escape the complete responsibility
for the condition of our lives.

If we blame, we are lost.

If we blame accident
then we don’t have to look at what condition within us
has caused our circumstances.

If we blame others
We can keep our sight focused outwards
And avoid true IN-Sight

If we blame ourselves
We can dwell on our faults
Rather than create a vision of success

But if we can skip blame altogether
And take responsibility
Then we attain our true power.

“People engage in self-condemnation
to avoid looking at their faults”

The difference between blame and responsibility
is the quality of awareness.

When we blame we are judging
And looking for escape

When we take responsibility
We objectively evaluate our circumstances
And are looking for liberation!

These 2 are very different.

Chase one and reject the other.

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