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To Die Before I Die

We Are In Our Essence Infinite

And while we have form,
we are truly formless.

The form can never understand the formless
The finite cannot understand the infinite
Yet we continue to attempt
to communicate the infinite that we are.

Language is of form
so to talk of the formless with language
will always produce some inaccuracies.

to talk of it at all is like
trying to fill an infinite container
one drop at a time

Poetry Is The Way

We cannot talk of it enough
to ever create a complete picture
It seems that the language of poetry
Song and
Will have more of a chance to describe
The indescribable wonder
Of who you are

Meditation is Going Within… Within Where?

When we meditate we often talk about going within
Going within implies there is
a within and a without
yet the formless has no such thing

True Self-Knowledge Is Very Difficult

This is the very reason that it is a hard thing to achieve
Because in order for one to attain the formless
the form must disappear

I Seek My Own Death

or in more plain language
for me to attain the Divine
I must DIE

and hell, that’s a scary thing.
I feel the truth of it deep within
I meditate to conquer my fear of death
so I can leave this form
and find the formless
BE the formless

And die
before I die.

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