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Every thought we think affects our lives


Create your life from the inside out

As a Spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe, you are able to manifest things from the inside out.

It doesn’t happen automatically.
Thank goodness!
If every thought I think were to come into reality my life would be chaos.

At the same time every thought we think does affect the circumstances of our lives.

Therefore it is useful to know how the process of creation works. Then we can use this knowledge to live the lives we truly want.

Every thought we think affects our lives

Our lives are created from the inside out, from the thoughts and images we hold in our minds. Every thought we think sends a message to the Divine about what we want to create.

The Divine energy is always there, just waiting to fulfill our visions. We create the mold with our thoughts and images. The Divine fills the mold with creative energy and our circumstances are born.

This is why it is so important to have some control over our thought world, and why it is so important for the ego that we dont.

The ego feeds on struggle and strife.

As long as we are in a state of unrest it is very happy. It likes pain and fear to be in control.

It does not like the spirit to be in control because you might realize your infinite nature.
You might live in continuous peace and joy.
You might create a life of abundance and meaning.

Then what would the ego have to complain about?

As long as we imagine negative and conflict ridden situations, over and over… and over! We will continue to create them in our lives.

As I wrote in a poem many years ago:
“My mind is a minefield of negativity and destruction.”

I’m always working on my mind

I have to work full time to watch my thoughts. They so readily stray to things I specifically don’t want in my life. I tend to dwell on conflict, pain and failure. Demons from my past. They’ve taken up residence in my consciousness.


These thought habits are not consciously chosen by us. They come up from our past and as reactions to our circumstances.

It’s a daily fight

The more we fight against them, stop them, and replace them with thoughts that reflect what we REALLY want to be happening, the more we will see our lives changing as a result.

Of coure many people will tell you not to fight, but fight you must. It’s a battle and your ego wants desperately to win. You’ll have to fight back to keep it from being the victor.

We must guard our thoughts with all our might. 

Change the pattern of our imaging
Create new habits of visioning
Choose to think, imagine and vision the best, most abundant and loving things we can.

But, of course, this is not easy.

“Thinking an unfamiliar thought is as difficult as performing an unfamiliar action.”
-Tulshi Sen

It requires a constant retraining.
A continuous vigilance
A paranoid attention to the
content and quality of our thoughts.
Hard work.
Don’t try this only once or twice.
It takes practise so don’t give up.

It is worth the effort.

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