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The Sword and the Void


I am on a training retreat with my martial arts class this weekend.

As part of our experience we participate in the Japanese art of Tameshigiri – Cutting with real swords.

It symbolizes the cutting through of my limitations
with the weapon of love

From my Teacher I learned
The power of the cut does not come from the body.

It is the void within that has all the power.

Just like a bowl that is crafted by a great artisan. The clay is shaped into a bowl, yet it is the void within that is used.

The bowl itself is not used, it is just the tool for us to use the void.

So when I cut I tried to be aware that it was not my body doing the cutting, not even my mind.

But it is the void within that doeth all the works!

(hmmm have I heard something like that before?).

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