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Let go of “me” and you will find the true You!


“Not one electron, in one atom, anywhere in the universe, moves left or right without it being the direct will of the Divine.”

Seems a bit naive to think otherwise.
The idea of accident is designed by the ego
to escape the complete responsibility for the condition of our lives.

If we can blame accident
then we don’t have to look at what condition within us
has caused our circumstances.

Your freedom and your captivity exist in this moment alone. There is no where else to look.

The thing is that when you are not  focus on your freedom or on your joy, you are not truly in the now.
Or rather, you’re not aware of the now.

Remember the scene in the Lion King when the Monkey hits Simba in the head with his Walking Stick?

Simba whines and complains “Hey!! Why’d you do that?”

the monkey replies “Who Cares? It’s in the past!!!”

haha I love that scene!

In the NOW there are no judgements.
There cannot be for you would not remember what just happened  or at least the memory would have no effect on you.

You can only judge by thinking, or feeling something about the previous moment.

Even if it was just a split second ago,
your feelings are about what happened in the past.

In the present you cannot have feelings about something because you’re experiencing the thing at THAT moment.

Then you cannot have a reaction to THAT moment because, again you’d have to be thinking of the past in order to react to it. And if you’re in the moment you’d have no time to react to the past.

But going even further than that…
Even being in the now is a problem.

We actually need the past and the future in order to exist functionally here on this earthly plane. the NOW, as so many people are so fond of talking about, is still part of the trap of time and space.

Now is the centre point between past and present, but it is not beyond time!

It is the transcendent state beyond time that is our true refuge from the pains of this world.
This is the infinite consciousness, the absolute, the Higher Self.

When you have touched this state
and have learned to carry an awareness of it into your daily life
then you can achieve joy in the midst of distress
and peace in the midst of family members!

But this is not an easy task
and it will not happen just by reading this
or by thinking about it.

It requires going deep inside
beyond the veil of your normal consciousness
beyond your individuality
and the separate awareness of the world
that you call “me”

Let go of “me”
and you will find the true You!
Then you can surf the waves of life with ease.

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