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I Am Who I Am – You Are Who You Are

Shall We Shine our lights together
I Am Who I Am

Neither wind nor ocean
nor mountain nor earthquake
nor the powerful force of the grandmother’s judgment

can shake me from my foundation
of self-love and respect

for the Divine has made me,
how can I disrespect this creation?

You Are Who You Are

Without you existence would be
A colourless rainbow.

You are that beautiful
You are that important

If you can go deep enough within
Beyond the layers of pain and programming
You will see the light that you are

Perhaps hidden from the world for a time
But impossible to extinguish

Shine Together

Shall we shine our lights together?
Shall we give the world the gift
of our natural selves?

There is a healing that only you can bring.
There is a love only you can express.

Don’t deny it!
Give existence the joy
of being who you truly are.

0 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am – You Are Who You Are

  1. This beauty is so powerful and filled with love that I feel the light shine within me. Your beauty and your bright light shines through your words and through all of your actions.
    Thanks Vivek!

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