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Victory Through Love – or – We Won the Softball Championship By Having Fun

We Won the Softball Championship By Having Fun
An Unorthodox Coach

A few years ago I coached my daughter’s softball team.
We won the championship and then I took the team out to Pizza Hut.
It was such fun!
The kids never had a coach like me before I guarantee it.

While I did have practices where we learned to hit the ball, catch the ball and throw the ball,
the real information that I passed on to them was on a more subtle level.

A Coach That Inspired More Than Instructed

My main focus was to inspire them as individuals as well as a team.

I wanted them to approach the game in an unorthodox fashion, playing from the inside out.
I did this by telling them things they perhaps had never heard before.
Success is a spiritual process

I told them they had power inside them
I told them to cheer on the opposing team when they did well.
I told them to vision their goal before they swing or throw or pitch!

Fun Was The Key

I told them that whether they won or lost the important thing was that we had fun.
In fact we made it our goal to make sure every team in the league knew we got along the best and had the most fun.

I used to love it when after a game the girls
would come up to me and ask me
“Did we win?”

They were enjoying themselves so much
Laughing, joking and cheering,
they weren’t even paying attention to the score.

The Atmosphere of Mutual Support Made Being On The Team a Joy

Regardless of whether they hit a home run or struck out
every girl got cheered on and celebrated for their efforts.
How good this must have felt.

They wanted to improve and do well,
but not to win, they wanted to do well for each other!

I know that every other coach was going crazy because we kept winning.
They really thought I was nuts.

Victory Comes From Love

Other teams had stronger players and
more experienced coaches.

We had love.

Really when I break it down to its essence
my strategy was love.

I made each player feel loved
and inspired them to love each other.

And we won the championship
so haha
and so there!

I guess there is a practical use for this Spirituality stuff.

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