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183 Days Later


Today is my 183rd day in a row writing a blog post.  That marks half a year.

When I started this practice back in January I knew it would have an effect on my life.

I am quite sure this is the most consistent thing I have ever done.

Telling you that of course is a bit of a window into my personality and habits!

Writing every day has brought me many benefits.

It is forcing me to think very deeply about what I believe.

It is also teaching me about how to express my thoughts and ideas.

I feel like my ability to write clearly has increased over the past 6 months.

There is also a sense of accomplishment that is accompanying this practice. Not missing a day of writing in so long feels really good.

Making a Commitment To Myself

I think the biggest benefit to me has been the, experience of making a commitment to myself and following through.

There have been days where I haven’t remembered about my blog until 11:50 p.m.

At that point I realized in a panic I only have 10 minutes to write a post.

In this state of not wanting to miss a day I have sat at my computer and I have just had to force myself to be in the flow. I had to allow something authentic to come out of me.

Authenticity is the Point

Because even in the sense of a rush I didn’t want to post just any collection of words. I am trying to post something that is true, authentic and real for me every single day.

I also want to be communicating something of love, support and healing to whoever reads my peace my words each day.

This level of dedication and consistency is, as I mentioned, a new experience for me and I think it elevates what I believe I can achieve.

I know that at this time there are not a lot of people reading these posts every day.

Have Faith and be Grateful

I can only have faith that as I continue on the journey of my life and as I hold a vision of service to the world in my heart, in time more and more people will read and hear what I have to share and hopefully it will help them in their lives.

I am deeply grateful to those who are reading and I hope that they are helping you in your lives in some small fashion.

I am going to continue writing every day for a full year and then re-evaluate.

Thank you for walking with me on this path of growth and exploration.

It seems I am not making a specific point today. Just feeling a lot of gratitude and hope.

I guess I will see you tomorrow!


0 thoughts on “183 Days Later

  1. I celebrate this milestone with you, and your awesome accomplishment. I love your posts, and witnessing you as you express yourself so clearly and boldly.

  2. Your dedication to the writing practice is truly inspiring! I look forward to continuing to witness your journey.

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