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Ah Vivek, I love you as you are

Depend Upon The Infinite Spirit
Ah Vivek, I love you as you are.

When someone doesn’t like you,
just give them love and remember that you are love.

You don’t need any external source of love.
It is nice when it is there,
but don’t let your happiness or peace be dependent on it.

When you rely on anything but the unchangeable Spirit
you will always be disappointed.

A Solid Foundation of Perfect Love

Only by placing your feet on the sure foundation
of the perfect love
the perfect strength
the perfect peace
of the One Spirit

Your Divine Nature
Your Eternal Being
Your Creator
Your Self

Free From The External

Only then will you be free from these fears and limitations.
You will experience the peace of inner connection
The stillness of unconditional acceptance
And the joy of self-knowledge.

Then love will flow into you without limitation
and this love will flow from you to all whom you touch.

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