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We can only start from where we are

On the journey of life we can only start from where we are
You Are Where You Are

On the journey of life
We can only start from where we are.

We can’t start from behind where we are
for that would require de-evolving
Going back to where we were.
But we can’t be where we were
because we are where we are.

We cannot start ahead of where we are.
We can pretend we’re ahead of where we are
but we’re always where we are
because that’s where we are.

Do You Know Where You Are?

It really helps to start from where you are
If you accurately know where you are.

Being honest about ourselves
Is certainly one of the hardest parts
of the journey.

I know that since I’m an ego-maniac
I have to start my journey from an ego place
and work my way out.
It is much easier in the long run to face this truth.

Can We Rise Above The Ego?

There is a common spiritual idea
that we can never rid ourselves of our ego completely.
As long as we’re in the material world,
operating as an individual,
we automatically have ego.

We cannot get rid of it, because that necessarily means we have to get rid of our individuality, our human existence!
If we do that then, we cannot interact with this world or each other.

Some also say transcending the ego isn’t even a desirable thing.
It is better to accept the ego and live with it in love.
Make it your friend and ally.

I Desire Total Liberation

Well here we differ…
I think that this is exactly the goal
the total liberation of the individual from ego
while still alive in the body!

This is the BIG paradox

How can I be an individual,
with thoughts,
and words…

and be the Total, Absolute, Divinity
Complete Oneness with no otherness

At the same time?

That is truly impossible
the ultimate paradox.

That very impossibility is what makes it the Divine goal
and what makes it call out to my soul

There Is No Contradiction Between The Human And The Divine

I believe
I feel deep within
that every one of us has infinite potential

we ARE infinite
We are Ocean and wave at the same time.

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