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These Kids Today, They’ve Got No Respect!

rebellion is natural and should be encouraged
These Kids Today, They’ve Got No Respect!

A few years ago I was at a parent council meeting at my daughter’s school
and one of the parents was going on and on about
the teens wearing their pants down below the belt and their underwear sticking out.

How crazy it was and what could those teens be thinking?!

I couldn’t help myself I said:
“Hey Grandpa! Do you really forget what it felt like to be a teen?”

Rebellion is Natural

Teens rebel.
They stretch their boundaries as they
Search for themselves.
They test limits to feel into their own potential

When your kids test limits
Do you want the conclusion of their tests to be:

1) You are limited?
2) You are Unlimited?

Your choice will guide your response.

Encourage Kids To Find Themselves and to Believe in Themselves

I don’t want my daughter to feel any limitation.
I want her to believe in her infinite potential
And learn how to access it and express it.

So when she tests, I want the test to succeed.
When she rebels, I encourage her to really rebel.
When she stretches I want her to feel she can stretch all the way.

Rebellion is a natural outgrowth of growing up.
Every kid expresses themselves in their own unique way
as they try and figure out who they are.

Our Reaction To Them Has Great Influence On Their Development

Our reaction to their tests can make a big difference
In the way they see themselves
The belief they have in their power
And their place in the world.

Don’t Let Them Push Your Buttons

I know that they can easily push our buttons.
Perhaps more than anyone else!
This is really the time to resist the impulse to react

This is your own work
spiritual, emotional and self-development work.

Take a breath
Take a moment to compose ourselves
And choose the most empowering, motivating and loving reaction.

Partners Rather Than Adversaries

One other wonderful benefit of accepting and embracing rebellion is
When you are a partner in their exploration rather than an obstacle
the rebellion will rarely be towards you.

This increases the peace and harmony between you and your kid
What a gift this is.

Try And Remember

Try and remember the beauty of childhood
try and remember the angst of teenage hood
try and remember…

Compassion and Empathy will follow

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