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The Ability To Bear Pain Is A Fundamental Skill

the ability to bear pain is a fundamental skill
The ability to bear pain is a fundamental skill

On the road of self-development

It often seems that things get worse before they get better.
This is not a pleasant reality, but it does seem to be the way things work.

What happens is that when you start to practise anything
that raises your awareness and expands your consciousness,
more and more truth is revealed to you.

New levels are reached.
New layers are peeled away.

This new level of truth comes as a shock to the system

after so many years of living with illusion.
This truth also holds many things about yourself
that you did not know,
or were not aware of before.

Some good
Some not so good
Some excellent
Some pretty bad

Everything you see is an opportunity for growth.

Painful as they may be, they are not your fundamental being.
They are layers and masks.
They are elements that can be changed.
Your personality is liquid.
Only your consciousness is unchanging.

New awareness also reveals things about the world that you didn’t know
and those things can hurt.

Much of this new energy and knowledge is released in the body as well as the mind, since they are both intimately connected. So we end up experiencing physical pain as part of the package of growth also.

Pain Can Make Us Want To Avoid The Truth

The revelation of new limitations, pain, wounds and areas needing improvement
can be so painful that we seek to avoid them altogether.
This is the cause of much stagnation in life.

So for a while the pain and struggle of the new growth will exist.
Don’t’ give up.
Don’t run from it.
Don’t push it away.

Work on your Endurance

This is the time to work on qualities that can help you endure

And most of all Loving Yourself

These are powerful methods to deal with the new awareness,
but they don’t take effect the first day you try them.
If they do, you are probably repressing rather than accepting.

Like any new skill, they will take a while to learn and integrate
to the point where they becomes natural.
You will have to be continuously conscious.

Don’t Give Up

So keep your eyes on the prize my friend!
Don’t be stressed out by the different struggles you have to face on the journey.
Well, actually, you won’t be able to help being stressed out.

Just don’t give up.
Face the pain
bear it
and keep the light burning bright.

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