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Teaching a balance between the opposites produces the most complete picture

Teach the Opposites

My daughter is a very optimistic happy joyful Kid.
She is very fair and giving and fun.
She is loving and patient and kind.

Yet she is very aware of the dangers of the world
of people trying to rip her off
of lying and cheating and fighting

I have managed to get her to live positive and still be aware of the negative

in fact her awareness inspires her to want to be more positive

When she does have a negative expression
I don’t make a big deal out of it
cause it’s natural and human
so she doesn’t feel bad about herself
when difficult moments arise.

I mention this to say
it is possible to teach fairness
and warn them that life isn’t always fair

The Opposites Open the Mind

It is possible to teach joy
And an understanding that life isn’t always easy

It is possible to teach love
And to protect oneself at the same time.

Safety in the world may not always be possible
but the Divine is always here

The power that resides within is always available to us.
The ability to choose goodness is always within our grasp.

It is teaching the balance between the opposites of life
That produces the most complete picture.

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