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I Called God On The Phone – A Poem

I recently wrote this poem and performed it at an open mic poetry reading.
It’s been a while since I wrote and performed poetry

The full text of the poem is below the video.
Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Wandering through the wild maze of my mind

Hungry and thirsting
for the truth

Safety and caution are my enemies
So I throw myself into the unknown
And there I find my own death

If we are infinite within
Infinite love and Infinite power
Then infinite toil cannot be
our destiny

Backbreaking, sweating, straining, suffering
I was not meant for this
I am a child of the Divine

I reject the struggle
I walk away
I lift my face to the sun and melt

Bits of me dripping, dripping
Into the infinite

Now I flow like river
Fly like wind
Soaring over the landscape of my consciousness
I am Free
But I’m Still seeking answers
So I called God on the phone
She wasn’t home.

So I had to look within instead.

I dreamt that I was climbing a ladder to heaven
and the stars were cheering me on
I got to the top and teetered on the edge
when I lost my balance I fell

But when i landed
I was in Her lap
I pulled out my heart and offered it at Her feet
She accepted my offering and blessed me

She stroked my head tenderly
and said

“I was on the other line”
haha no seriously

She stroked my head tenderly
and said

My son, You are my very self
We have never been separate
Don’t deny your Divinity
Be Large.
So I swallowed the Universe

You are inside me right now!
Do you feel me?

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