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Trying To Be Unreasonably Optimistic

Trying To Be unreasonably optimistic
Society Is Trapped In A Negative Cycle

There are time times when, looking at the state of the world, I despair.
Society seems trapped in a cycle of negativity and destruction.
Perhaps it has been so for centuries or even millennia.

But I cannot believe that we are doomed

Humanity Has Such Untapped Potential

We are a species that can create art and music
and dance and poetry of such beauty,

That is compelled to work towards excellence
in athletics, science and technology

We are a group of animals that can pluck veins out of one part of a leg
and sew them into another

I can’t believe that we don’t have the potential to change.

An Awakening Is Needed

It seems that the vast majority of people in the world have not embraced this.
Reading comments on any public post about almost any topic confirms this.
And perhaps for a few decades or maybe centuries will not.
But centuries are a blink of the eye in cosmic terms.

We have the infinite spirit within us.
As more people are motivated to access it and use it
to create a life of harmonious abundance
the world will change.

I have to believe this.
As unlikely as it feels.

Making The Choice To Believe In The Goodness Of Humanity

It is the spirit of unreasonable optimism
that makes me get up every morning and want to make a difference.

There are times that believing in something against the evidence is necessary.
And I believe that what I believe has an effect upon the whole.
It is my responsibility to believe in the potential for our redemption.

Do you believe you can join me in this unreasonable and unsupported positive outlook?

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