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Please Take The Time To Heal And Love Yourself

Please Take The Time to heal and love yourself
Nourish and Sustain Yourself

Do you know what organ the heart feeds first?
When it pumps blood it first takes the blood it needs for itself
before it sends it out to the rest of the body.

If it didn’t it would weaken and the whole body would die with it.

So taking time to make yourself happy is not in opposition
to making others happy.
It is a necessary part of the process.

You cannot help people if you destroy yourself.
Of course helping people is good.
At a certain point though we need to find ourselves, find our centre.

If your centre is in danger then you must protect it.

Self-Nourishment Is Preparation For Service

I believe in helping others.
Even to the point of personal sacrifice.

But this cannot happen if the sacrifice is too deep.
You must be able to replenish yourself.
You must be able to deeply love yourself.
You must have an unshakable connection with your centre.

Then when you help others it is a conscious choice
then when you sacrifice it is from strength
and not from the thought that you “should”.
Then People will not be able to bleed you dry
of your life energy when you’re helping them.

At that point even if you give your life to help another
or in the service to a cause,
it will be a joy and not a sacrifice.

Focusing On Your Own Well-Being Is Not Selfish

So please do take some time to heal and love yourself.
Keep an image in your mind and heart of a strong, confident and joyous you.
A you who cannot be hurt by anyone or anything
and gives love freely and easily.
Then you will be much better prepared to serve and
Offer your gifts to the world.
And the world needs your gifts,

The Addiction Of Helping

Another point to consider is that it is very hard to help a person
who does not want to be helped.
It is almost seductive to try. It can be very addicting.
I myself have spent decades doing this so I speak from experience.
Exhausting experience.

There are some people who just don’t want to change.
They don’t want to be less miserable.
They don’t want to struggle less.
And that’s okay.

Save your precious energy for your own development

And giving to those who are ready to receive your gifts.

You can always send them a silent prayer
that you wish them well on their journey to the Infinite.
Then send yourself one too and be at peace.

I don’t think anyone is lost really,
just in different places on the same path.
We have different needs depending on where we’re at
And what we’re going through.
I’ve been what looked like lost many times.
But here I am fighting on.


Help and nourish yourself.
Help those who you can.
Let go (with love) of those who you cannot.

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