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You Are Perfect – Yes You! (and me too)

You Are Perfect Yes You (and me too)
In the book Ancient secrets of Success, by Tulshi Sen, it says:
“Your consciousness is perfect and it is stillness.”

Can I Really Be Perfect?

With all my flaws and mistakes?
With all the dark thoughts I have?
With all the pain I go through?
How can I believe I am perfect?

Well as long as I identify myself as a human with flaws
I cannot believe in perfection.

Perfection Is My Natural State

But my true self is Divine – Perfect – Beautiful.
It cannot be damaged because it is beyond the reach of this limited world
and I can operate from that place if I want to.

In the stillness of meditation
I can find this beauty,
The inner beauty that I am.

I must have the courage to embrace the real me.
To embrace the power available to me.
To embrace my centre.

Perfection Frightens The Mind

My mind cannot understand this truth.
In fact it runs from the idea of perfection.

Try it yourself.
Say “I am perfect.”
And then watch the thoughts that come up.
Perhaps you’re more evolved than I,
but when I do this all sorts of arguments arise.

Some are about me, my obvious imperfections.
Some are about the idea of perfection itself.
“I wouldn’t want to be perfect.”
“Perfection would be boring. There would be nothing left to learn.”
“Perfection isn’t desirable because it’s the flaws that make us human and beautiful.”

I’m pretty smart so I can come up with some convincing arguments.
The problem is that they all revolve around a mediocre definition of perfection.
If my life is boring then it’s not perfect.
If the state I’m in isn’t desirable then it’s not perfect.
If I’m lacking in beauty then it’s not perfect.

“In order to be a perfectionist your definition of perfection must be perfect.”

Go Beyond The Intellect

Clearly it is necessary for me to go beyond my intellect to understand the concept of true freedom. Liberty cannot be achieved while I live with the jailor. My intellect imprisons me in the painful past and traps me in a predictable future.

To create a new life I must leave the intellect behind
and fall into the arms of my Spirit.
There are many fears which will keep me from doing this.
I must turn my fears into love so I can keep moving towards my goal.

If fear stops me – Love propels me.
If fear feeds the ego then Love starves it.
I must immerse myself in love and only then
will I have the courage and the strength to rise above my fears
and take true control over my life and my destiny.

What are the characteristics of this Love I seek?
Love is:


When you find yourself tense then you are not operating from love.
Relax and let yourself dive into the ocean of love that is all around you.

In the air you breathe,
in the ground you walk upon.
In the flowers and clouds
and every child’s face.

Most of all – in you – your being, your consciousness.

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