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Happiness is not an emotion, It is a foundation 2

foundational happiness
“Happiness is not an emotion,

It is a foundation”

There is a happiness that springs from the core of your being.
This happiness does not fluctuate with the ups and downs of life.
It is not affected by your circumstances.

It is like the calm beneath the surface of the ocean
Regardless of how wild the waves may be, if we go deep enough
There is stillness.

Foundational Happiness comes from touching your Divine Centre

Get a glimpse and it stays with you forever
Get more than a glimpse and you are free

Turn the glimpse into your permanent vision
and … well then the pendulum swings no more

It’s not just a poetic pretty piece of writing
This is practical, achievable and very useful.

When you have this foundation
you won’t need to have a Teflon exterior.
You can be vulnerable and open and free!

Accepting and Experiencing the Full Range of Emotions

An amazing thing about this state is that it is not in opposition to any emotion.
You can feel sad, you can be angry, you can grieve, be hurt and scream and cry…
And be happy at the same time.

Even when you’re happy from some experience, event or achievement
It is always transitory because something else is coming.
The ups and downs are part of the journey of life.

But the inner, solid state continues.

Infinite Awareness

This is because the happiness is the awareness of your
Inner Infinitude
Your Divine Nature beyond the opposites
Existing in Oneness
And perfect Love in every moment.


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