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The Purpose of Meditation

meditation is to release us from the prision
The Purpose of Meditation

Meditation calms the mind.
It helps to deal with difficult emotions.
When chaos enters our lives,
Meditation can help us stay calm in its midst.

It is also beneficial to the body.
Studies have been done to this effect.
Google it if you’d like to learn about that.

Not the Purpose

Yet none of those things are the true purpose of meditation.
They are pleasant side effects.

The purpose of meditation is to discover that you are not the body.
Well it is not quite that we’re not the body,
it’s that we’re not JUST the body.

We are the body, but we’re everything else too.
I am my body, but I’m also yours
We are everything and nothing at the same time.

It’s a Get Out Of Jail Card

Meditation is to release us from the prison of the finite
and allow us entry into the infinite which is our true being.

The mind has its uses,
but it is not the fundamental part of us.
Not essence
though it is made from the essence
as are all things.

We Are Not The Mind

The mind’s main function is to name,
dissect, understand and process information.
It defines.

These activities have to be transcended to find unity.
Unity is our essence and diversity is illusion.
Meditation is to find essence, to find oneness.

When we label things, when we study and understand them
We are necessarily separate from them.
Definitions are limitations.

In our day to day lives this is a very important thing to do.
Both science and art depend upon this skill.
To see the diversity in life and study it,
understand it and to work with it.
Even to celebrate it.

You Are One, Not Two

But in the silence of meditation these divisions fall away.
Separation falls away.
There is nothing to study and nothing to understand
We are the only thing left.

And we soon discover we are everything.

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