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Rose Coloured Glasses

Wearing rose coloured glasses
Hidden Beauty

I’m wearing my rose coloured glasses.
So I can see the hidden beauty in the world

I had them on when I was born
All babies do.
We see the world with no labels
No experience, no wounds
Our perception is all wonder and exploration.

The rose coloured glasses actually allowed me to see reality as it was.
Then the harsh reality of the world removed them from me.

Learning, Labels and Loss

I began to put labels on everything.
I learned about things rather than experiencing them directly.
This was necessary of course.
I had to learn language, I had to see patterns and understand cause and effect
Or I would not have survived.

Pain, disappointment, fear, anger, loss
And all the wounds of life
Also took me away from being able to see the
Wonder and beauty in everything.

This is also a necessary part of life.
Being human certainly seems to have pain as part of the package.

Believing in “Reality” Diminishes Perception of Beauty

All of these things make it harder to see the wonder of the world
the magic in every moment
and the power and beauty within.

At some point in my development I was blessed with the insight
That I had lost these glasses.
I could feel the layers of misperception keeping me from seeing
What I saw as a child.

Now I put them on of my own free will.

We Can Create Our Own Reality

The world conforms to our expectations and our inner vision
Our experience is created by our inner state
If we let the world dictate our state to us then we have lost.
We become powerless.

I choose to see love everywhere
and I end up being surrounded by love.
I choose to see beauty everywhere
and beauty becomes my reality.

I’m Not Hiding From the World

I know that there is war and atrocities
and just plain mean people everywhere.
Abuse, anger and racism and all forms of prejudice.
I know, believe me I know
I am not hiding from these things
Nor am I ignoring them.

Remember I put the glasses on myself this time
so I haven’t forgotten what the world looks like without them.

But I believe I’m doing a lot more for the world
by keeping them on and seeing the love where other’s might not.

Seeing the beauty within people
That even they have lost sight of.

Reclaim the wonder of your babyhood!

It’s Not An On Off Switch, It’s A Process

Putting on the glasses is not an instant change.
It is a process, perhaps a lifelong process.
It requires vigilance and effort to pierce through my habitual perception
and see the Spirit essence beneath the surface of all things.
For I have years of programming to undo.
But it is a process well worth doing.

Even in the midst of a strife filled world
I am learning to see and create beauty and love in my life
And hopefully the lives of all I interact with
And maybe somehow affect this wounded world for the better.

Ahhh… Rosy World

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