It Takes Rare Courage and Unreasonable Faith To Believe In Love

rare courage unreasonable faith
What can pull humanity out of the suicidal course it is on?

When it seems like there is no hope
Crawl into the chamber of your heart
Close the door and feel the warmth within

There you will find a power greater than the ills of the world.
The love that is your true being.
Do you believe this Love can heal our wounds?
I don’t believe anything else can.

It takes rare courage and unreasonable faith
to believe that Love can conquer the conquerors,
vanquish the vanquishers,
liberate us from the oppressors
and lift us above our limitations.

Especially when you look at the state of the world
it seems CRAZY to have this kind of faith.

Will you join with me
in believing in the power of Love?

Will you be the one with rare courage?
or ordinary perception?

We have a choice
not an easy choice
but it is a choice

I’ve made mine.


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