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Be Totally You

be totally you
Be Yourself

The more we allow ourselves to be ourselves
the more we can allow others to be themselves

The more we can allow others to be themselves
the more they will love themselves

The more others love themselves
the more they will love you.

It is not possible to manipulate love
Freedom leads to love
Loving leads to miracles.

What a wonderful process!

Being Authentic Takes Work

The world will often oppose your efforts
Variation in nature is a very slow process
That’s why evolution takes so long.

But as humans we can accelerate the process
We have access to an inner strength that allows us to
pierce through any obstacles in the way of our development.

Allowing others to be authentic also takes work
There is a tendency in us to want people to conform to our expectations
When they don’t it can be unsettling and even painful
So we resist it.

Our Authenticity Can Be Taken From Us When We’re Kids

This resistance was programmed into us from childhood
Rarely is authenticity celebrated in children
Individuality is not encouraged

Instead conformity to a certain set of standards is expected
Even enforced!

Don’t yell
Don’t run
Don’t throw
Don’t break
Don’t make a mess
Don’t watch too much TV
Play nice
Say “Please” and “Thank you”
Get better grades
Don’t talk to me like that

How many ways can we tell kids that they are not acceptable as they are?
All of us went through this in one form or another and the effect sticks to us.
It affects our relationship to others and our relationship to ourselves.

Give Ourselves Unconditional Love

We now have the opportunity to give ourselves the acceptance
We were denied as children.
You deserve Powerful, Unconditional and Unreasonable acceptance!
You are beautiful, Divine and perfect in your essence
and Your heart is full of Love

No matter what lies in your past
In this moment you have the power and the freedom to be completely yourself

Be Yourself

Regardless of your circumstances
Regardless of your environment
And beyond the judgement of
Your family
Your friends
Where you work
Or even strangers!

Be you
Be totally you

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  1. There is a compliment for you growing inside me. It means a lot to me. I understand it a little better with each post I read. Thank you for writing, Vivek.

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