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The Paradox of Free Will

does the wave have free will
“Free will is an illusion

but it is an illusion we can’t avoid!”


Choice implies time and space
If time and space are illusions
then so is choice

If you believe in time and space
then perhaps choice is real

But if you’re like me and believe in the
Fundamental Oneness of all things
it must necessarily be an illusion

One is Not Two

For to choose requires a chooser and a chosen.
That is 2
Which is in direct opposition to the idea
of Oneness

Take Responsibility

The thing is though, I have seen people abuse this concept.
Some people use this idea to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.
This I do not agree with.
That is why I wrote the second part of the line above.

While we may hold onto the idea that choice is an illusion
Living in the world we can still take responsibility.
In fact when we realize Oneness, the fact that we are everything
We cannot avoid taking responsibility for our choices
Even though they may not be fundamentally real.

Another apparent paradox.

Like the waves on the Ocean are real
and their movements are real

But they are still only Ocean
Their movements are fundamentally the movement of the Ocean
the wave is just an appearance of Ocean

If the wave feels a moment of separateness from Ocean
it has the illusion of free will
the illusion of existence really
It is not real
and yet, as an expression of Ocean
it is real

Real and Illusion at the same time.
How can this be?

a movie is real

the actors are real
but they are still acting

and while the screen is real,
The images are only in 2 dimensions.
we lose ourselves in the movie and believe it to be 3 dimensional
but it is flat upon the screen.

Give Up The Wave

Only when the wave gives up being the wave
Which it loves so dearly
Only when it makes that sacrifice
will it know the Ocean
as itself

But to do so it cannot retain the belief
that it is wave

In other words
the ego must die
for the Divine to be born

in other-other words

“The lane of Love is very narrow
There is not room for two
When I was there, You were not
Now that I am not, You are here.”


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