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Mango Meditation

mango meditation
Meditation Is Very Important

Learning about the mind and self-development without meditating
is like having a mango in your hand and not eating it.

When you meditate you squeeze all the juice out of the mango
and eat it and make it part of you.

Meditation turns knowledge into wisdom
And wisdom into life

It deepens your understanding beyond words and ideas
And sets your Soul on fire

Benefits of Meditation

In order to attain true peace
and to discover and manifest our deepest visions
we must meditate.

Meditation purifies our minds
But purify in this case does not mean following some code of morality
This is the common use of the term

It means to rely upon the spirit alone
and not any external source

It means to train our senses to perceive the Truth
underlying the illusion

Meditation Reveals the Beautiful Truth

The truth that everything is spirit
Infinite, Perfect and Beautiful.
The truth that we are that same spirit
Therefore we are inseparable
and beautiful

You Are The Juiciest Mango There Is

Meditate and take a bite, suck the juices
Devour the thing and realize

You are invincible
You are beautiful and
You are perfect
Just as you are.

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