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The Master Archer is Free of Doubt

the master archer does not doubt
Doubt is a great enemy.

It hovers about us looking for every opportunity to damage our progress.

On the path to liberation there are many traps,
and doubt is one of the biggest.

We have such power within us.
Limitless potential for Joy and Love
We are full of beauty and wisdom within.
Each of us has a deep desire, a profound dream in our hearts
Doubt robs us of these gifts.

It has such intelligence and subtleness
that you will not be able to out think it.
You will not be able to out argue it.
We have to find a deeper way to deal with our doubt.

A Doubt Free Mind is Like the Master Archer

When the archer becomes one with his/her bow and arrow and with the target,
s/he is free of doubt and the arrow will always find its mark.

This is the secret of visioning,
to hold the arrow of your mind unwaveringly steady upon your goal/desire/dream
and release your imagination into the universe.

Your steady aim,
your oneness with your Body, Mind and Spirit
will make your arrow fly true
the distance between archer and target disappears
and the creation of your vision is inevitable!

Doubt Makes Your Hands Shake

This is why doubt must be eradicated.
Doubt makes your hands shake.
Doubt makes you lose sight of the target, your goal.
Doubt makes the distance from archer to target seem infinite instead of ZERO!

It’s a Process

Letting go of doubt is not an instantaneous thing.
It is a process.
It is a journey.
A sometimes painful, sometimes ecstatic journey.

Have Patience, Meditate, Love

Have patience with yourself as you seek
That place of pure brilliance within.
Give yourself more love and acceptance every day
So that you can persevere through the obstacles doubt will throw at you.

Meditate to find the place that is beyond thoughts and words.
Your true self where anything is possible.
From there you can watch doubt melt away from your mind and heart.

This will set you firmly upon the road to freedom!

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