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The Morning Sun

I am a pattern of light
The morning sun makes patterns on the wall.
They move and change
and will soon disappear altogether.

The sun remains the same.

In the same way, the Divine expresses itself through me.
I am just a pattern of light.
I change and move
and will eventually disappear.

Yet the source of this light remains the same.

Does this beautiful pattern of sunlight on my bedroom wall add anything to the sun?
Can the giant fireball even be aware of this small work of art, and the pleasure it gives me?

I would like to think so.

I would also like to think that my existence
might add some beauty and art
to the already complete and infinite being of the Divine!

This seems impossible,
for I am so small and existence is so vast.

Yet here I am.
Feeling, thinking, acting, creating
and Loving.

I offer this little pattern of light
to serve the Great Sun
and bring some beauty and love into the world.

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