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A Pretty Good Prayer

a pretty good prayer
I want to be strong and powerful,
yet I am still held back by fear and insecurity.
I don’t really know how great I am and still I limit how great I can be.
I must open the gates and allow the flood of spirit to enter and fill my life.
I must accept that I have access to the Infinite power.

Dive In

To hell with the risks!
To hell with the consequences!
Dive in brother and do what you gotta do!
Be unreasonably brave and enjoy every moment.

Problems are Opportunities

When you have a problem
Recognize that it is the seed of a vision.
Fear sees problems as obstacles
The heart sees them as Fuel.

Think Big

Don’t think small.
Don’t think from a place of fear.
Think with fearless abandon
Think with the spirit of abundance.

Don’t think of saving more, think of spending more!
For if you knew you had an unlimited supply you would not be concerned with saving.

Expand Your Thinking

Open your mind to the limitless possibilities.
The universe of abundance, adventure, creativity,
joy, play and romance is yours to frolic in.

Don’t hold back, take what is yours.
Ask for what you Really want and believe you will receive it!

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