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You Are Not Small – You Are Infinite

you are not small you are infinite
There Is A Spiritual Cause For Every Material Effect

The world is congealed spirit.
Just as ice is congealed water.

See the world as liquid.
Don’t believe in the solidity around you.
We live in a world of magic and light.

The World is Not What It Seems

All measurements are false or at least approximate.
Nothing exists as we see or perceive it.
Nothing exists in a state of separation.
We affect everything and everything affects us.

A deeper truth is that we ARE everything!
But that is a much more difficult concept to accept.
It makes us very big.

You Are Not Small

Yet when we look out into the cosmos and
compare our existence to its vast and unending greatness,
we seem very small.

You Are Infinite

In the face of such overwhelming evidence
it is hard to believe we are in fact not just big, but infinite!

Yet it is precisely this truth that we must embrace in order to find ourselves.
In order to awaken our true power and create the lives we want.

The circumstances we are surrounded by are not random and out of our control.
There is a spiritual cause for every material effect.
And that Spiritual cause is you!

When we finally realize and integrate this great wisdom we will be free.

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