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Meditation on the Original Self

inward journey
A simple meditation is to repeat the word “I”

I… I… I….

A celebration of being.
The experience of merging.

I… I… I….

As I repeat this I forget myself.
The boundaries begin to melt away and my solid edges soften.
I pray to the Divine “erase me, erase me.”
That is, erase the false me, the small me
so that the Universal me is all that remains.

I… I… I….

This is my inward journey.
As adventurous and wild as any external adventure
and also as full of danger!

Only the false self can be hurt, and by definition this is false hurt, but oh it feels so very real.
The real “I” is infinite. It cannot be hurt.
It has no beginning and no end.

My life’s journey is to go back to the Original Self.
I remind myself of this purpose when life’s pressures carry me away.
I place my head upon the feet of my higher self, and then I continue.

I… I… I….

Courage is required to make this journey from the unreal to the real,
and eventually ultimate encourage will be required!
For the ultimate danger will be faced.
The moment where I will wink out of existence.
The moment I will be erased.
And only my True Self will remain.

As my one-liner says;
“Meditation is more dangerous than skydiving.
In skydiving you may die, in meditation you WILL DIE!”

I… I… I….

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