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Re-Programming Your Mind

The Heart Knows Freedom
The Heart Knows Freedom

The Mind Knows Limitation

When the time comes to make a decision, make sure to use your heart. The mind often wants to take charge, but really, the mind cannot make the decision for you. If you let the mind make the decision it will rarely ever be the right one because the mind relies upon the past.

The mind cannot think of a free and abundant future. It can only think of limited future based on what it has experienced in the past. Most of its experiences have been based on avoiding pain and seeking pleasure.

The Past Controls Us

This is a limited way to think. It’s like escaping, hiding and running from life.
It’s not about finding your true purpose and living a life
of freedom, joy and of ecstatic creativity.

The heart is not trapped by the past.

It embraces the spirit of romance, passion and ecstasy.

In order to live a life that truly reflects the Divine spirit within
you have to release yourself from the clutches of the mind.
Now the question is how to do this?

Just knowing that you have to do it is not enough. It won’t solve the problem for you. The negative and limiting mind won’t magically go away just because you want it to. The mind is an outgrowth of your thinking patterns that have been in place for many many years.

Your Mind is like a Computer Program

There is only one thing you can do. You have to rewrite the computer program in your brain.
So far, the program has been written by others, for others, with others in mind.
We cannot rely on other’s to create our reality for us.

Therefore we have to become our own programmers.
It is truly up to us to write our own computer program, to change our operating system.

How do we get access to this computer?
The answer is meditation. We must learn to meditate.

Meditation Gives You Access

In order to access the mind, which is your computer we have to go deep.
Meditation gives you the ability to rewrite the code of your thinking, feeling and being.
Meditation allows you to implant your own images
in place of the ones forced upon you for so many years.

Re-programming is Challenging, but So Rewarding

Once you begin this process you will find a great exhilaration comes upon you.
You will see how exciting it is when you change your first program.
When you find a new thought arising, when you find new feeling coming to you,
When new habits of limitless thinking and feeling start to arise
The joy this brings is beyond measure.

And when the possibilities that lie before you open up,
expand and invite you to join them, to follow and to embrace them,
ahhhh… this is when life really begins.
This is when you begin to express who you really are.

Before this you are a reflection of your past.
Now you start to become the creator of your future.

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