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My Wish for All Children

My Wish for All Children
I have a deep desire to help children.
To help them reach their potential.
To help them create a positive self-image.
To help them feel kindness, compassion and patience towards themselves and others.

I want to give them an education that inspires them,
that educates their whole being.
That shows them they can accomplish everything they wish!

I want their education to build thinking and feeling skills that last a lifetime.
That takes them boldly, confidently and powerfully well-equipped
into the brave new world of tomorrow.

I want them to learn the power of their imagination.
The power within to create anything they want in their lives.
The power to think creatively, outside the box.

I want them to know themselves, their divinity and their unity.

I also want to help parents learn how to inspire all these things in their kids.

I dream and dream about how to achieve this lofty goal.
It sometimes seems as if the obstacles before me are insurmountable.
I have to renew my faith daily and keep pushing forward.
Trust that the message I have to share can help many people.
Set a powerful vision of healing and inspiration.
And persevere.

For if I give up when it’s difficult
how can I be an inspiration of chasing dreams and believing in oneself
to my own kid and all whom I meet?

0 thoughts on “My Wish for All Children

  1. A dream this lofty, HAS to manifest! There is no human big enough to come between a dreamer and his dream. A dream comes out of absolute love which has to have come from the Absolute

    Keep doing what you are doing and drive the Divine nuts by constantly dreaming your dream until the Divine has no choice but to deliver! Every closed door shall open and every closed mind shall be opened and you can walk in with all that Love and give to the kids what they Need and Deserve as a birthright.

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