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I Honour my Daughter on Her Birthday

Happy Birthday 2015
Today I celebrate the birthday of my best friend.

The BEST person I know.
My learning partner, my teacher, a fountain of wisdom.
A being with a sharp, discerning, flexible and open mind.
A creative, unpredictable, wild and free imagination.
A sharp wit, a keen intellect, a powerful intuition.
And the most loving heart.

Today I honour my daughter.
She is a young womyn who knows herself.
She knows she is great, she knows she is worthy, she knows she is loved.
She sees the world through limitless eyes and I learn that from her daily.

She understands the deep importance of play.
Play is sustenance, it is life breath, it is essential to growth and discovery… and joy.

She’s a ninja, a comedian, a philosopher and champion in every sense of the word.

She Has Transformed Me
Being her father has been the most powerful, transformative experience of my life.
Truly it has made me go deep into the core of who I was and change myself into who I needed to be.
To be worthy of this awesome responsibility,
to guide this spirit into the world.
To help her decipher the puzzle of consciousness,
to navigate the maze that is this plane of existence.
To be a conscious parent means not letting a day go by where I don’t work to improve myself!

I celebrate my daughter’s appearance because this earth is a better place for having her in it.
Her excellent, cool, awesomeness continues to enrich my life beyond words.

Happy Birthday Kiddo!
Love your dad,
The Dude!

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