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Where does my pain come from?

You are not only consciousness is
Where does my peace come from?
Where does my freedom come from?
Where does my pain come from?

Many Layers of Pain

My pain runs deeper than I’m willing to admit.
I must face it, embrace it and accept it.
Not to wallow in it,
that will not help me.
I face it so I can love it away.
The deeper I look, the deeper I can heal.
Otherwise I am protecting it, keeping it safe and holding onto it.

I have identified with my pain for so long.
A part of me believes it gives my life meaning and validity.
True validity comes from fulfilling my Divine purpose.

I desire to be free, but I hold onto the chains that bind me.

Let Go of Your Illusions

What am I afraid of?
What will I lose if I let go?
What am I really letting go of?

Don’t defend your illusions Vivek.
Your biggest illusion is… You!

You are not…
Only consciousness is.

Peace, Joy and Romance

How peaceful does the baby look
Sleeping before taxes exist

How joyful does the pup frolic
Playing in a world without economics

How romantically does the butterfly drink the nectar of the flower
No relationship issues to disturb its ecstasy.

You Exist Prior to Creation

You were created from NO-thing.
The freedom to play and romance is yours.
Reject the plight of your humanity and embrace the truth of your Divinity.

You are not…
Only consciousness is.

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