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Ideas For Nurturing a New-Born

Ideas For Nurturing a New-Born
Here is a note I wrote for parents of a new-born baby.
They asked me for ideas of how to interact with their brand new being in the first days.

Congratulations to new guardians of Divine Spirit!

The first week or so of a child’s are so important.
Many foundational concepts, perceptions, feelings, self-images, expressions of and faith in love are laid down in the first week.

Not many people are aware of how important these first moments are. You’ve heard about how important first impressions are!! This applies to the Divine warriors who are venturing into our world for the first time as well.

Our little ones get deeply imprinted during this period and if done consciously, can have a positive lasting effect for their whole lives.

I won’t tell you how to manifest this idea because you must let your intuition and inner wisdom guide you (and I know how deeply in touch you are with the infinite, inner guidance). I only encourage you to FLOOD your child with love, security, strength, and all manner of positive vibes. of course you’ll do this all throughout her life, but pay special attention to this first little while.

Demonstrate through your
Words of love (babies can feel so much behind our words)

Words of education (babies understand much more than we realize)

Touch – lots of touch

Thoughts – babies are mind readers!

Feelings – They’re empaths too!!

Environment – For the first week especially be very guarded with who comes in contact

And every other way you’re able to create an awareness that they are safe and loved in this strange new world!!

Remember they’ve just come from being a free, bodyless spirit
Then they acquired a body, but were still water beings for the first months of their lives. Not needing to deal with breathing, gravity, hunger, light, or pretty much any stress.

Suddenly they have to breathe and eat and feel different temperatures. The sounds are harsh and the sights are aggressive. Talk about culture shock!!

In a way we’re creating a gentle, informed transition to this new world.
We are creating an exterior womb to ease the trauma.
Oh what a difference this makes in the acclimatization process!

Lots of love to you and your family.

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