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It is natural to struggle with forgiveness

forgive and lighten your burden
It is natural to struggle with forgiveness.
It is a hard thing to accomplish.

I know for myself I want to release my burden,
but I hate being treated unfairly.
I rebel and scream and thrash about!!

Every injustice sticks in my brain.
Round and round like a CD on repeat.

I have to let go. It will never be fair.
I will never change the past no matter
how many times I re-live it in my mind.

There can never be a proper restitution.
If I wait for things to be fair I will be unable to ever forgive
and this hurts only me in the end.

Forgiveness lightens our hearts.
Holding onto the past weighs us down.
We carry such a heavy burden we can barely walk,
never mind fly.

And we must learn to fly.

We must soar high above the landscape of our limitations. Feeling the wind on our faces.
We are free beings. But we imprison ourselves with pain and grudges.
We chain ourselves with our memory.

It’s important to remember that forgiveness is not an on/off switch
It is a process.
It takes time, patience and persistence.
We must keep digging through deeper layers of pain
And replace them with love.

Forgiveness is one of the most selfish acts you can perform.
It is worth the attention and the effort to work on this.
Work on forgiving those who don’t seem to deserve it
Work on releasing the pain of the past

Free yourself from the grip of the grudge
Chip away at it daily and you’ll soon feel more free than you ever thought possible.

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