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You Are Loved

believing we are loved
Believing we are loved is a difficult thing to accomplish

There are so many programs in our minds convincing us we’re not worthy.
We have gathered plenty of evidence over the years to prove
that love is always partial and conditional. Certainly not something we can rely on!

Even loving ourselves is a challenge.
We know all the non-loving things we have done,
And all the imperfections we have.
There is much we have not forgiven ourselves for.
In this climate it is very hard to love oneself!

Most people live their entire lives in this state of feeling essentially unloved.

Experiencing Moments of Love

Of course we all go through moments or phases of feeling loved.
The beginning of a romance,
the budding of a new friendship,
a sweet moment with our children
or even an unexpected kindness from a stranger.

But they are not permanent.
They come and go and when they’re gone there is a feeling of emptiness left behind. What these experiences do for us is to give a glimpse that there may be more. If our heart is touched deep enough we may be inspired to search for a permanent source of love.

This feeling of being unloved exists in all types of people, even the happy, peaceful people can feel this deep inside. It doesn’t necessarily manifest itself as major depression. It is a weight in our hearts, a weight we need to lift in order to be whole.

Permanent Love IS Possible

Amazingly it is possible to feel loved, deeply, profoundly and permanently.

In order to experience this we must look to the one thing that is permanent – the Divine Spirit within. The perfect consciousness that dwells in your heart is always there and always loving you. In fact its very nature is love, and it is ever holding you in its tender embrace.

Of course feeling the divine love on a regular basis is easier said than done. The world is full of stress, loss, pain and struggle and this often occupies much of our attention. But even on our shittiest days that pure love is there, waiting for us to find it, accept it and be healed by it.

We Will Have To Dig Deep

Past the programs of unworthiness, past the memories of hurt and betrayal, even past the evils we ourselves have perpetrated! You will have to look beyond all the evidence to the contrary that the world presents to you.

Underneath all this is an ocean of perfect love and it is waiting for you to dive in and lose yourself. The ocean is big enough to absorb all your pain and wash it away, leaving you cleansed, forgiving and forgiven.

Your Inner Ocean

Once you have touched this expansive ocean, just dipped even one toe into it, you will be forever changed. Then when you cannot feel it, you will at least know it is there and often that can be enough.

As you dig deeper and deeper within, you will always rest in the peace of the inner ocean and feel loved through the onslaughts of life. Then this love will pour forth from you to everyone you encounter.

They will receive a glimpse of the ocean that is within them!
In the same way that you were inspired,
you now inspire others to seek their perfect love.

There is no greater gift than this that you can give to yourself.

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