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The living wisdom of the moment

a self made self image
The living wisdom of the moment

Is more powerful than all the books ever written.
In fact all the books are present within it.

This wisdom is perfect
And completely available to you!
It is in you.

It IS you.

Your very nature is wisdom

The complete knowledge of the universe is in your heart.
The answers to all your questions are within.

Yes, the living wisdom of the moment
Is yours if you want it.

Imagine what glory it would be if children were taught this about themselves!
From the earliest age to be told that they are wise and powerful.
That their own intuition can be
Relied upon
And easily accessed.
That the solution to every problem,
the way through every obstacle,
Is within them.

Ah, what a powerful world this would be.

It is not too late to believe this about yourself

It will take some un-learning and un-believing
Of concepts about yourself.
These are ideas you’ve held for a long time
So it will take some effort and patience on your part
To overcome and change them.

A Self-Made Self-Image

This is called re-designing your self-image.
Your self-image was largely designed for you without your input or consent.
All through your developmental years the perception other people had of you
Was the mirror in which you saw yourself.
Their limiting beliefs about the world and themselves
Were reflected in you.

Parents, teachers, friends and the T.V.
These were the creators of your base self-image.

Now you have the opportunity to re-create yourself.
Instead of the world being your mirror,
Let the infinite spirit of your being be your mirror.
Let the living wisdom of the moment be your guide.

Listen to the Wisdom of Your Heart

If you let your heart design the blueprint of your self-image
You will be transformed into the new you
The real you
The Divine you

Then you will be
Who you were always
Meant to be.

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