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Elevator Epiphany

elevator epiphany
Making Eye Contact With Myself

I looked at myself in the mirror on the elevator yesterday.
The ride was short,
But I looked deep into my eyes.
Suddenly I saw myself,
Just a little.

I was reminded of the spirit inhabiting this body.
The Thinker, the Seer, the feeler.

The body felt unreal and
I had to remind myself to move my feet
so I could walk out of the elevator.

What is Life Really About?

This life is not about the hustle and bustle of everyday things.
It is about the great discovery of my Self.

How often do I allow myself to truly see the mask I wear?
How often will I pierce the veil
and see the real me beyond?


What is this, that I usually call me?
That I identify with so strongly?

As I write these words it feels like my hand doing the writing.
It feels like I’m in my head looking out.
I can feel all these things so solid and real.

And yet…

I know I am more,
So much more.
I do not end at my skin.


This is an enchanting thought.
I must chase it.
Well really I have been chasing it for years.
Ha, and resisting it for years.

I am seeking me.
And running away at the same time.
The opposites in opposition.

Good vs Evil.
Truth vs Illusion.
Me vs Mask.

This is the battle.
Keep Fighting On
Keep Fighting On.

0 thoughts on “Elevator Epiphany

  1. This really hit me. It is so very interesting for me to know that someone else feels the same way I do. I am truly scared some days to look beyond the mask. But I will never stop trying!

    1. That’s so amazing to hear Sabrina,
      Yes I get scared to look beyond too! Like every day.

      All we can do is keep working at it I think.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me friend.


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