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Make friends with the Unknown

The mind either attacks or runs from the unknown True success and confidence are unknown to me. True freedom is unknown to me. True security is unknown to me. These […]


My daughter is a very optimistic happy joyful kid! She is very fair and giving and fun. She is loving and patient and kind. Yet she is very aware of […]

The Morning Sun

The morning sun makes patterns on the wall. They move and change and will soon disappear altogether. The sun remains the same. In the same way, the Divine expresses itself […]

Follow Their Lead

Seeking Compliance It can be very frustrating when we want our kids to obey us, to follow us or to cooperate with us and they are resisting. We do so […]

A Pretty Good Prayer

I want to be strong and powerful, yet I am still held back by fear and insecurity. I don’t really know how great I am and still I limit how […]

You Are a Firefly

This blog post is so Beautiful. Take a moment to read it then read my short response below. http://www.handsfreemama.com/2014/04/29/children-who-shine-from-within/ We are Guardians of Their Light Protecting the inner light of […]