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Having Compassion for the Solitude of Suffering

the solitude of Suffering
Private Suffering

No one knows how much a person suffers
in the solitude of their minds.
So many people live in own their private hells.

They hide their pain from the world,
at least they try to.
Pain has a way of leaking out though.
It enters into our work,
our relationships,
our play,
our creativity
and even our sleep.

But the world doesn’t see it
and we suffer alone.

Having Compassion

This is why I try and have compassion for others.
Especially those who try and attack me.

What pain they must be in.
What anger they are tormented by.
What grudges they must be carrying,
weighing them down.

With this load on their backs it is hard to
Stand straight
Think straight and to
Love straight (not being heteronormative here!)

The Challenge to Love When Attacked

So I have to supply the love for both of us in our interactions.

I don’t always succeed
for it’s a difficult thing to not react with anger of my own
But I try.

Graceful Pain

There are those who learn to deal with the pain with equanimity.
They can bear their pain without hurting others.

Often this lesson comes out of the pain itself.
Pain can introduce us to ourselves.
Like waking up from a bad dream
we wake up to a deeper reality of our own beings.

This self that feels pain is not our True self.
It is a mask we wear.

You Are Perfect (Yes You!)

The mask covers our “original face”
The Spirit within.
This Spirit cannot be hurt.
The mask can be hurt,
but not the wearer of the mask.

In your essence you are pure, infinite and perfect.
You are perfect wisdom, perfect joy and perfect love.

When we become aware of the mask,
and the being behind the mask,
pain takes on a different quality.

Self-Knowledge Creates Perspective

It still hurts,
but somehow we know we’re okay.
We know the pain cannot touch our centre.
This makes us better able to bear the pain of life.

Living in the world, in a body, pain is unavoidable.
Yet we can change our experience of it
by changing our knowledge of our selves.

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