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Teens Need Us to Believe Them and Believe IN Them

teens need us to believe them
Validate the pain of young people

I understand the frustration of dealing with rude teens.
It seems they’re being so disrespectful to others and themselves.
It can really be annoying and upsetting.

I do not believe that young people are simply choosing to be rude,
nor do I believe that they are naturally disrespectful.

The way I look at it is this,

Kids Come Into The World Pure And Loving

When they were born, when they were 6 months old I doubt they were rude in this way.
Have you looked into a babies eyes? Did you see anger and disrespect?

At some point along the way they learned this behaviour. Both by mimicking the behaviour they saw in the adults around them, and as a result of the way they have been treated.

When I look at the very young I see beauty and wonder, kindness and enthusiasm, a deep desire to love be loved. Somewhere along the way this is diminished.

Return to the Natural State

What is needed is a return our natural state of beauty. This will bring about the healing necessary for them to be the true kind and loving human beings that they are.

This is true for all of us as well. We all need this healing, we all can become more authentic. Our true centre is love and a large part of our evolution is to journey back to our centre. With young people and teens we have the opportunity to guide them through this process, for they are still developing in a way that most adults are not.

Hardened Hearts

The world has quite far to go before we attain a state of compassion and peace.
Too many people have hardened their hearts against the pain of others.

This has happened because of their own pain.
Most of the time they don’t even realize this is the case,
but that doesn`t make it any less true nor any less damaging.

I truly believe rude and rebellious behaviour in teens comes from a desire for love and respect that is lacking in their lives.

Young people experience struggles and pain that adults have forgotten about.
We often think that our adult pain is more valid.
I`m not sure how we have come to that conclusion.

Teens Feel Very Deeply

The stress and pain of our young people is very deep.
Teens feel things very deeply.
Their self-image is still being formed.
Their journey from complete dependence to independence is full of traps and pitfalls.
They are very vulnerable and require the guidance and love of evolved and conscious adults.

But not adults who have lost their compassion.
Not adults who have forgotten what it’s like to be young.

They need us to believe them and believe IN them.
Even when they act out.
In fact the experience of someone continuing to believe in you when you’ve screwed up is very profound. It is an example of unconditional love. This always has a transformative effect.

They Don’t Need More Control, They Need More Love

Too many people think that returning to the strictness of old will bring about more stability in youth.
This is simply not the case.

Children need good examples.
They need love and acceptance.
They need support and validation.
They need protection.

Love is the Strongest Transforming Power

In the final analysis there is only one thing that will bring about the healing we need,
the transformation of society we desire…

Only love has the power to overcome heartless and cruel thoughts.
Only love can heal the wounds that run so deep as to make people prey on the weak and vulnerable.
Only love can inspire others to stand up for what`s right, to stand up and protect those in need.

And it is Unconditional Love that can open the hearts of our teens and show them the beauty that is all around them and the beauty that is inside them.

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