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The Power of Love is Often Underestimated

the power of love is often underestimated
The Power of Love is Often Underestimated.

Love has great transformative power,
it has great protective power,
it has great healing power!

It is not a quick fix, but it has a deep and lasting effect.
It requires patience and perseverance.
It requires the ability to see beyond present circumstances,
to the inner circumstances,
to the vision of perfection that is flowering in your heart.

The World May Not Understand Your Love

The world will not always support your endeavour to love.
It will often seem to turn against you, to thwart your efforts.
Certainly you will be judged.

It is simply not looked upon as normal to rely on this great power.
People will question you (though they are really questioning themselves)

“Is love really enough?”

Their minds are already made up

“NO, it is not enough.”

They will give you all the REASONS why.
You’ll get all the “other things” that are required.
For their experience has taught them this painful lesson.

But You KNOW the Power of Love

How can you argue?
It will be hard to argue because their ideas come from knowledge.
But the idea that LOVE IS ENOUGH comes from knowing
a sense deep in your being
a voice calling out
an inner certainty.

Can this be proved?
No, it must be felt.

Once felt, no argument
no matter how logical, practical nor persuasive
can ever convince you otherwise.

Demonstrate Your Love

Yes the power of love is often underestimated,
but we can at least demonstrate our knowing
through our thoughts, words and actions.

As time goes on this will leave the residue of love on the world
and it will change.
One day humanity as a whole will embrace love
and know that it is enough.

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