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Creation From the Inside Out

creation from the inside out
Have Patience

My life is created from the inside out.
Believing this is bloody hard work.
I must be more patient.
Patience means trusting what is going on behind the scenes.

When we drive a car we know that when the gas pedal is pressed, the car will go. Only a very few of us know exactly what is going on to make that happen. Yet we use it with confidence all the time.

In the same way when I vision something I have pressed the gas on manifestation. I know it will go. I do not have to manage the details, but I do have to keep my foot on the pedal!

This is what faith is, knowing that the mechanism will not fail. When I set a clear vision and project that vision into the Universe, my consciousness, my Spirit will create that vision in my life.

I Have a Big Vision.

What I want seems highly improbable. I cannot imagine HOW such a thing could manifest.
It’s not something sensible, not practical and when I look at my life as it is,
it doesn’t seem possible that I could ever achieve it.
But it lights my fire… so I want it!

How it will come I do not know, but I know it will come.
Yet the voice of the devil whispers in my ear.
Words of fear and limitation:
you can’t… they won’t… it’ll be so hard…
you don’t have enough experience!!

Really these things are true. That’s the problem.
The devil is very smart.
It knows my weak spots and attacks them directly!

A Paradigm Shift is Needed

My Teacher Tulshi Sen has said that in order to believe that we can achieve seemingly impossible goals we must change our paradigm. We must see our lives as being created from the spiritual and not the material. Every material effect has a Spiritual cause.

When I look at the process of creation from a linear perspective I cannot even conceive a possibility that my vision could manifest. This is where the paradigm shift that Mr. Sen teaches about comes in. I must change the very way I perceive cause and effect. Change it from external cause creating the external effect, to an internal cause creating the external effect.

This may sound simple, but to truly believe this is a huge shift in awareness. It literally changes the fundamental way we view the universe and all it contains! A tall order perhaps, but a worthy and powerful one!

“Unless you see it inside you, you will NOT see it outside you. The way you see it inside you – that is exactly the way you will see it outside you.”
-Tulshi Sen, Ancient Secrets of Success

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