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I Want The Candy!

a pretty wrapper cannot hide candy
“A Pretty Wrapper Cannot Hide a Bad Tasting Candy.”

If I had ten million dollars today my life would not change very much.

I would still be doing basically the same things
martial arts
and Worshipping!

Perhaps I would be doing these things in a bigger house, with more cars,
in more places and in my own studios!
But these things are just the wrappers on the candy.

I value the candy!

No matter how pretty the wrapper, a lousy candy is a lousy candy!
I value the candy, and mine is sweeeeet!

How many people do you think have awesome wrappers covering terrible tasting candies?

Life Should Be Tasty

My friends, there is nothing wrong with nice houses and cars!
Just make sure that the core of your life tastes good to you.

Examine how you spend your moments.
They are expensive and cannot be re-done.
There is no highlight and delete in life, there is no control-Z undo!

How Do You Spend Your Moments?

Are you spending your time on the things you love with the people you love?
Do you think thoughts and dream dreams that are pleasing and exciting to you?
Are you filling yourself with memories that will enrich your existence?
Are you spreading love and sharing your gifts with the world?

When I feel I’m wasting time, avoiding the truth, avoiding my heart,
when I notice this I will often say;


The End Is Nigh

I remind myself that every second that ticks by is gone forever and all of them are leading to my death. The ticks of time eventually run out.
The breath will cease, legs freeze, arms limp, eyes unseeing!

There WILL be a final sunset.

What will be the quality of the ones between now and then?


Make them count!

Don’t get seduced by the wrapper and forget the candy within.

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