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The Power of Self-Forgiveness

forgiveness brings freedom
The Pain of Failure

When I set a goal and don’t achieve it, it can be a very painful experience.
I feel like I’ve failed and I come down on myself quite harshly at times.
I think deep down I feel I should be successful every time I set a goal.
So when I’m not, I feel bad about myself.
This pattern probably (definitely) has its roots in childhood.
Regardless of where it comes from, the pain is real
and can lead to stagnation and even paralysis.

This is where forgiveness comes in.

Forgiving yourself allows you to pick yourself up and try again.
When you berate yourself for your mistakes you are stuck.
They loop around in your mind and freeze you in that moment.
How can you try again and again to succeed if you won’t let go of the previous failure?

Of course we will miss the mark. Especially in the beginning! Lots of times.
But we must not give up. Keep at it.
Every time you falter, shake yourself off and try again!
Learn as much as you can from the mistake and then let it go.

The Power of Forgiveness

There is a power in self forgiveness that can make you invincible!
When you know that failure cannot stop you, suddenly you are free.

Free to try
Free to experiment
Free to find yourself and Be yourself!

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