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Demanding Respect Produces The Opposite

let us be a model of respect
Demanding Respect Produces The Opposite

The demand in itself is disrespect!

Let us instead strive to be worthy of the respect of these Divine beings of light and love.

What amazing people we ourselves will turn out to be if we can reach that state!

We can’t just give respect in one circumstance and expect it in return.
Then get angry if we don’t receive it right away.
It has to be our whole lifestyle!
This includes how we treat our kids when they aren’t respectful.
Yes it hurts when our kids aren’t the nicest to us,
but we will not teach them any different by returning the favour.

We Must Set the Example

Let us be a continuous example of love and respect to our children
and they will respond in kind in time.
Have faith in their inherent goodness and inspire it to come forth.

Teaching respect comes from how we act with our kids,
as well as how we act with other people in their presence,
how we treat every moment and even how purely we love ourselves!

All of these things will affect what our kids learn from us!

Demanding respect from kids is a recipe for distancing them

and making them strangers who will just be itching to get out of the house.
Better to respect them as equals, as human beings and treat them with dignity.

Would you respect someone because they told you that you HAD to?
And if you did not they would inflict some sort of pain upon you?
No!! Of course you wouldn’t.

Respect must be earned.
And continued to be deserved.

Forced Respect is Only Skin Deep

It’s sad that so many people want to go backwards to a more strict way of being, where respect and obedience were gained through punishment, pain and fear. It’s not that hard to see that this type of respect is only skin deep. It is not actual respect, but a surface level behaviour that has a selfish, self-preservation motivation.

This world needs people who can think for themselves and who stand up to authority,
who stand up for what they know to be right.

Not obedient drones who just toe the line.

Not people motivated by fear, punishment and reward,
but by love, compassion and following their inner moral compass.

Otherwise the human race is doomed!!

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