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The Seed Ritual

the seed ritual
The Cycle of Creation Begins with the Invisible

Try this little ritual to help you remember that the visible comes from the invisible.

Every time you eat a fruit keep one of the seeds aside.
After you finish eating take the seed and cut it in half.
Look closely at what you find.

Cut that seed and look within.
You will not see a tree in there.
You will not see a pattern or a diagram of a tree.
The information is all there, but it’s hidden.

When You See The Seed, Don’t See a Tree – See An Orchard

You know the fruit came from a tree. You know the tree came from a seed. You know that the seed in your hand can grow into a mighty tree. And from that tree can spring a whole forest!

Look at the invisible information in the seed and
see the whole forest there in your hand.
Marvel at the miracle.

The Seed of Consciousness

Now think if one seed has the power to create a whole forest,
how much more powerful is the seed within your heart?
Your consciousness is the cosmic seed of creation.

In Sanskrit it is called bijam-avyayam, the seed imperishable.
A regular seed must be destroyed to create the tree.
The Divine Seed within you will bear the fruit of a thousand trees
and not diminish. It can continue to create a thousand more.

Feel Your Power

So when you eat some fruit hold that seed in your hand and feel your power.
Use it as a reminder of the invisible, infinite creative force that is your consciousness.

And smile.

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